Dalit Association for Social

and Human Rights Awareness

Increasing Access to Livelihoods through Inclusive Growth and Access to Rights

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The purpose of the project is to empower the marginalized communities of the Dalits, Muslims, adivasis, women, children and the disabled to enable them to realize their rights through social awareness and collective action. The project is supported by PACS for four years and will work in 100 villages in the Bhojpur and Nalanda districts of Bihar.


Since its inception, the Dalit Association for Social and Human Rights Awareness (DASHRA) has been engaged in the protection and promotion of human rights within the state of Bihar. DASHRA’s objective is to promote a human rights culture by empowering the scheduled castes (SC) and the marginalized, including women and children.


  • Supporting the emergence of local collectives of the excluded groups, capable of demanding and securing rights and justice for the excluded communities.
  • Strengthening the social justice committees of Panchayats and influencing the key agencies, like Panchayati Raj institutions and government departments through sustained engagement.
  • Building a collective pressure on the service providers to deliver the entitlements as specified by the government.
  • Initiating steps to seek judicial and penal action against instances of injustice through community-led campaigns.
  • Capacity building on information on rights and entitlements as guaranteed by the Indian Constitution and other relevant legislations and policies.

Supported By: DFID, UK (PACS Programme)

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